IPG盟博是数字经济时代一站式整合媒介解决方案的领导者,媒介服务覆盖电视、平面、广播、户外、数字媒体等各个领域。除了提供常规的媒介策划及购买服务外,IPG盟博旗下拥有的三个媒介代理品牌 - UM优盟、Initiative极致传媒和Reprise,以及两个专业单元Cadreon和Magna,针对客户的不同需求,提供包括社交、移动媒体、搜索、程序化、电商、内容、消费者数据及洞察及商业分析等在内的定制解决方案。
1. wave: Wave is an annual social media study conducted by UM. Launched in 2007, It is the longest-running and most ambitious of its kind. Wave measures the scale and impact of social media across the globe,exploring the changes occurring in communication technologies. 2. SigmaGO A real-time system for systematically tracking consumer comments and feedback on brands or services using advanced NLP technology and displaying volume of comments, positive or negative sentiment. 3. Unity Unified display, video and mobile campaign management,Centralised analytics and frequency control across multiple demand side platforms leading to superior campaign performance and optimisation. 4. MOMENTS A sophisticated multi-media channel planning tool that identifies the most powerful blend of OESP channels to deliver against specific marketing objectives. 5. AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM A set of data-enabled services, based on audience data designed to provide the clients of UM with actionable insight for media planning strategy development and buying optimization within and across media channel.Data stack comprised of four varieties of information that are generally separate in media research: Demographics, Attitudinal, Exposure & Behavior data.